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Application No. 2014/60/90688/E Land at Slipper Lane

By pmadmin
Dec 19th, 2014

Application No. 2014/60/90688/E  Land at Slipper Lane

The Planning Application does not meet these requirements. Mirfield residents are seriously concerned that far from improving the quality of the area, the A62 will become gridlocked at critical peak periods throughout the day, this will not just affect Mirfield people travelling to work etc.,  but commuters travelling from Roberttown, Liversedge, Cleckheaton and Heckmondwike to Huddersfield and back will hit a day to day traffic gridlock. Weekend travel time and leisure travel time will also have a large impact on the surrounding area. The Mirfield highway infrastructure cannot cope with the existing volumes of traffic let alone the additional burden created by this proposed development. The extra demand for schools, health and other public services will undoubtedly detract from the quality of the area. “Sustainable means ensuring better lives for ourselves, doesn’t mean worse lives for future generations”. By this definition this is not a sustainable development.

National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)       DOWN LOAD NPPF

Page 21 and 22
58. Local and neighbourhood plans should develop robust and comprehensive policies that set out the
quality of development that will be expected for the area. Such policies should be based on stated
objectives for the future of the area and an understanding and evaluation of its defining characteristics.
Planning policies and decisions should aim to ensure that developments:
●● will function well and add to the overall quality of the area, not just for the short term but over the
lifetime of the development;
●● respond to local character and history, and reflect the identity of local surroundings and materials,
while not preventing or discouraging appropriate innovation;
●● create safe and accessible environments where crime and disorder, and the fear of crime, do not
undermine quality of life or community cohesion;
●● are visually attractive as a result of good architecture and appropriate landscaping.
59. Local planning authorities should consider using design codes where they could help deliver high
quality outcomes. However, design policies should avoid unnecessary prescription or detail and should
concentrate on guiding the overall scale, density, massing, height, landscape, layout, materials and
access of new development in relation to neighbouring buildings and the local area more generally.
60. Planning policies and decisions should not attempt to impose architectural styles or particular tastes
and they should not stifle innovation, originality or initiative through unsubstantiated requirements to
conform to certain development forms or styles. It is, however, proper to seek to promote or reinforce
local distinctiveness.
61. Although visual appearance and the architecture of individual buildings are very important factors,
securing high quality and inclusive design goes beyond aesthetic considerations. Therefore, planning
policies and decisions should address the connections between people and places and the
integration of new development into the natural, built and historic environment.
62. Local planning authorities should have local design review arrangements in place to provide
assessment and support to ensure high standards of design.
16 | National Planning Policy Framework
They should also when appropriate refer major projects for a national design review.13 In general, early
engagement on design produces the greatest benefits. In assessing applications, local planning
authorities should have
regard to the recommendations from the design review panel.
64. Permission should be refused for development of poor design that fails to take the opportunities
available for improving the character and quality of an area and the way it functions.
When writing your letter of objection please try and refer it to the NPPF and page ref:  

I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU STILL SEND IN YOUR OBJECTION TO:-‘planning.contactcentre@kirklees.gov.uk’ REF: Application No. 2014/60/90688/E  Land at Slipper Lane

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