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By pmadmin
Sep 4th, 2015

The answer to this maths, and word mind plant are already answered I will tell you what your answer is when you click the link at the bottom ONCE you have completed the question.

Think of a number between 1 and 10 =? Now times it by 2=? Then + 8 =? Now divide your last answer by 2=? Now subtract you’re Number which you had chosen at the start =?

If A is 1 and B is 2 put a letter to your last number=? With your letter think of a country what starts with your letter=?

With your chosen letter, choose the next letter after your letter in the alphabet=? Think of an animal what starts with your second letter=? Now pick a colour what relates to your animal=?

You now should have name of a country, and an animal, and a colour of the animal .Or use voice over for the maths and word mind plant


Click here for the answer??????????


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