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By Bob King
Dec 29th, 2013

Your Mirfield is the product of Project Mirfield, Project Mirfield was set-up to fight and ultimately stop the development of Balderstone Hall Field Mirfield the web-site kept everyone up to date with the ap-plication and how-to object this also provided a large learning curve for ourselves and our reader, let me say our unique way of dealing with the Balderstone hall applications has been adopted by many over groups.
Your Mirfield aim throughout 2020 and beyond is to keep reminding people of our and your moto “This is your Mirfield it belongs to you the Residents”. We aim to provide as much useful information as pos-sible on matters that will affect Mirfield and the surrounding areas. Air Pollution is a big one the days of just monitoring are gone we will be asking YOU the residents of Mirfield for your opinion and let’s face it, it’s you guys who are breathing polluted air every-day.
We will provide up to date modelled River Calder Flood maps what are provide directly to Your Mirfield by the Environment Agency 1 in 100 years scenario and 1 in 1000 years scenario and as much data as we can get our hands-on. This will help action groups in the future with information what is hard to ob-tain. We also provide a direct link to the Government web-site what gives real-time river water levels and flood warnings.
I know the dreaded subject no one’s interested in lol. Providing up to date information on Climate Change and how it may affect YOU. And what we can do to make changes.
Coal mining information we already hold and posted terabytes of useful information on this subject and direct links to online searches and we will continue to do so.
Your Mirfield offers you the residents of Mirfield the opportunity of featuring your photos of Mirfield on a new section on our web-site called “Capture Mirfield” and if permitted your Name. Just upload your photos to your Mirfield FB and state Capture Mirfield or send it by email.
We are also on the look-out for more editor’s people who will give up a small part of their spare time or more if they like. Sourcing information on the history or any over interest in Mirfield just drop me, Ste-ve, an email or inbox me on FB if you’re interested.

Kind regards
Steve Benson

Your Mirfield is looking to keep Mirfield as a great place for us/ and our children. We aim to campaign against unsuitable development where the current infrastructure is inadequate for further development. Challenge Yorkshire Water to increase investment, update their assets and stop Surface water flooding “pluvial”Flooding” from becoming the norm Keeping green spaces available for people to use for recreation. To map Mirfield / and the surrounding areas.

Kind Regards

S Benson

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