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It’s your Mirfield it belongs to you the Residents, Application number 2019/60/92221/E unacceptable air pollution PM2. 5

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Feb 2nd, 2020

Application number 2019/60/92221/E
Kenmore Caravans Ltd, 119, Huddersfield Road, Mirfield, WF14 9DA

Because of the very nature and location of this application, with the extra unacceptable air pollution PM2. 5. this will generate via vehicle usage form the pre Construction stage, and competition stage shopper to deliveries. Planning should seriously consider as part of this planning process for this application.”Setting Conditions” Hard-hitting anti-idling Signage which should be installed across the footprint of Hudesfiled road in both directions with-in Mirfield and should be maintained and policed until 2050.

Maybe by targeting planning applications such as the above, if approved Mirfield should be prepared for the worst and push for air quality issues and how to reduce the impact to those most vulnerable, We know that air pollution is harmful to health, and some groups such as young children, the elderly and those with long term health conditions are particularly vulnerable to its effects.

The first council neighbouring to introduce a no-idling campaign was Calderdale Council in 2018

Combatting vehicle engine idling is a major focus of Calderdale Council’s new campaign to tackle air pollution

Bradford Council was not that far behind in introducing no-idling campaign across the district’s primary schools

Bradford Council is launching its no-idling campaign across the district’s primary schools..B

However, Kirklees Council as yet to introduce their clean air policy and roll it out across the districts until KMC catch-up this is what the experts say. “Air pollution-related deaths” UK The average exposure to man-made PM2. 5 is around 9 MPM in the UK, so on average, mortality risk is increased by around 5%, or equivalently around 5% of all deaths are associated with PM2. 5. There are 600,000 deaths a year in the UK, and 5% of 600,000 is 30,000 deaths

If you’re interested in joining the fight for clean air for Mirfield drop me an email steve@yourmirfield.co.uk Regards, Steve.

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