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Partical Matter 10 44.0864 ug/m3 polluction Huddersfield Road Mirfield

By pmadmin
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Feb 14th, 2020

So I took the liberty of ordering an air test kit from friends of the earth?

Mirfield, we deserve better it’s your Mirfield it belongs to you the resident’s NOT the ridicules amount of PM10 polluting traffic what users Huddersfield road as a short cut through Mirfield.

I set up the kit on Huddersfield Road Mirfield outside of the town Centre and as instructed by the instruction left it for two weeks in situ in the same location.

One’s the two weeks hade expired I removed the test kit under the direct instructions of the instruction leaflet I received with the package.

I Immediately posted the kit to the Laboratory for testing in a pre-post secure, padded envelope. Huddersfield Road Mirfield The result was PM10 44.0864 µg/m3 This is a snapshot of the air pollution for the place and time I was monitoring

How to Reduce PM10 .

4.0864 ug/M3 above the Kirklees Annual average.

24.0864 ug/M3 above the Annual average. World Health Organization “WHO”

The three images bellow each cube represents 1 cubic metre of particle matter

The EU has set an annual level of PM10 40 ug/m3 This means the UK and Kirklees annual level is at 40ug/m3

However; the World Health Organization “WHO” recommends an annual level of PM10 20 ug/m3

king Regards

Steve Benson

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