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By pmadmin
In Climate Change
Feb 7th, 2021

Blog The start of 2021 has been another very wet winter of prolonged heavy rain Pluvial downpours creating heavy runoff, and major Fluvial River flooding, kicking off with heavy rain at the start of the year and Storm Cristoph, hit on the 18th Jan 2021, this should come as no surprise. The very best of our River flood defences are being tested and at their outer limits. Our fields and hills saturated Winters in the UK have turned increasingly wet and climate change is changing the way we live and where we live and points to wetter winters to come and more record-breaking River levels vast weather fronts creating rivers of water falling from the sky.


Floodplains should be left as floodplains and the only development allowed should be flood prevention. Huge areas of our upland landscapes need to be changed re-shaped to alleviate Pluvial runoff flooding in line with new much-needed reservoirs and vast trees planting schemes, however, ecosystems will be destroyed, but new landscapes will form new ecosystems over time. If nothing substantial is done at the source of the problem and more floodplains are destroyed before 2030 floodwalls will fail areas what have never flooded before will suffer heavy flooding more homes and businesses will be drowned out with un-managed flooding. Creating more Chaos and misery.

Regards Steve

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