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A word of warning sinkholes have opened up on Balderstone hall field Mirfield which have revelled historical mine shafts

By pmadmin
In Bellway Homes
Aug 23rd, 2018

We will not be bullied, nor pushed out, our voices will be heard and listen too, our neighbourhood means everything to us. sign and share this objection.

We are in the midst of fighting a two-decade-long none sustainable planning application which if it is successful will put over 25 existing local properties at high risk of flooding.
The field area is 11.4-acre inner urban green space and for many years has been enjoined by many people, walks, horse riders, dog walker, the field also provides grazing for 5 houses and produces 90 large bales of feed each year, and the field is kept to a high standard for all.
We are rapidly approaching the day of the planning application decision we will not be bullied, nor pushed out, our voices will be listed too.
We need your objection signature for our war chest, to provide evidence to the planning department that this application should be pulled and the much-needed field what is at risk should stay inner green urban space and not turned into concrete and brick.

Signing this objection, you are agreeing to the Objection, and your signature and information will be forwarded on to Kirklees Planning as an Objection. Objection to PLANNING APPLICATION 2017 62 93935 E FOR 61 DWELLINGS LAND OFF WOODWARD COURT MIRFIELD

Please click on the link to see how Kirklees council may use your data

Full objection > Please follow this link to sign this objection


Ok the photo is a bit of fun, however, it will look like this next week

Kind Regards

S Benson and all local residents.

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