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Many late nights for so few!!! may 2017 Kirklees Final response Balderstone Hall field

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Jun 19th, 2017

Local People will not like this. Download full file == balderstone may 2017 FInal response

Pre-Application for erection of 60 units

One of the key considerations is likely to be the impact on the highway network and on highway safety. The Transport Assessment scope has been discussed and agreed with the Transport Consultant on 28.03.2017.
Following an initial meeting with the Council, additional highway detail was submitted to the Council and this was entitled “Proposed Traffic Calming Measures and Benefits Delivered to Woodward Court and Wellhouse Lane”.
In respect of this document and the highway safety proposals contained within, the Council’s highways section has made the following general comments:

1. Highways Safety is generally not in favour of introducing traffic calming features as a mitigation against poor junction visibility. However, HS accept it is a means to facilitate development at difficult sites subject to the applicant’s highways consultant demonstrating the benefits gained are sufficient.

2. HS question the reasoning behind the plateaux elsewhere on Wellhouse Lane. There are no logged complaints about speeding in recent years, and there is no accident issue. HS consider features would be ineffective at busy times, as the large volume of moving and parked vehicles is an effective calming feature than a plateau. It is difficult to predict what residents’ views would be on the suggestion.

3. It is not common practice to provide plateaux to assist pedestrians crossing the road – HS would usually rely on School Keep Clear markings and dropped kerbs at sites of this nature.


Download full file == balderstone may 2017 FInal response


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