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We can not solve problem when we use the same thing that created them

By pmadmin
In Bellway Homes
Feb 7th, 2018

Bellway’s are back on Balderstone hall field Mirfield
From the photos which were taken today 7th Feb 2018, it looks like they are carrying out seasonal BRE Digest 365 testing which means water ground soak ability and how much can be absorbed and make the way for cheap solutions soakaways which will cost new home buyers in the future, However, the last time they carried out these test back in late November 2015 the results were inconclusive.

Kirklees flood management team have advised Bellway home to carry out more>
Full BRE 365 testing of infiltration potential in ALL areas where soakaways are envisaged. This should comprise of 3 consecutive tests to mimic saturated ground. We advise that seasonal testing is carried out for a site of this size although we recognise that water table analysis has commenced. The slowest percolation result should be selected. In addition, tests should be carried out at appropriate depths to mimic the final installation of the soakaway, justified and presented to the LPA/LLFA.

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