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HS2 is more critical to the government and London than unacceptable flooding in Yorkshire.

By pmadmin
In Climate Change
Feb 15th, 2020

HS2 is more critical to the government and London than unacceptable flooding in Yorkshire.

If the Conservative Government can spend over 100 Billion of taxpayers money on HS2 digging up all of Yorkshire and beyond why can’t they spend 5 Billion and sort out the problem where it counts.The only way to sort out the effects of Climate change to the River Calder let mother nature take over where it counts the Moorlands and hilltops.

Storm Ciara 9th February 2020 reached a new recorded River Calder level recorded at Legard bridge Mirfield at 4.30 pM 5.4m.


Storm Ciara was powerfull she rained rivers out of the sky she dumped thousands and thousands of cubic meters per second of water turning homes Roads business fields into Rivers in a matter of minutes. Transport networks crippled she took out and disabled Utility assets Gas Electricity foul pumping station things we take for granted every day nothing could stop Storm Ciara she delivered Unprecedented amounts of water across Yorkshire.

How can we change what’s happening the solution is easy to stop the problem at the source the Moorlands and hill tops, rather than in the bottom of the Valleys, however; it will cost a few billion in comparison to HS2 it’s not a lot what do you think Yorkshire Todmorden, Mythemroyd, Halifax, Brighouse Mirfield Ravensthorpe Dewsbury Wakefield. To encourage natural offline storage with deep vegetation and trees if their allowed to grow, encourage the erosion gullies to. Be blocked, if water is held back for longer in the hills at peak flows in the micro streams what become steams and run off of the steams are reduced The rougher the surface, the less flooding downstream. Removing the flat area and encourage Undulation Burning moorland for grouse shooting reduces roughness, in turn, increases erosion. Burning on the blanket bog is terrible for the climate it also releases the stored carbon back into the atmosphere;in turn, feeds climate change, climate change increases floating.


Steve Benson

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