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Do we now celebrate the new Kirklees local plan which the plans panel past!

By pmadmin
In Flooding in Mirfield
Oct 30th, 2016

Has a Mirfield town councilor, Resident righting this for Mirfield which let me say is a town very close to my heart. I for one feel very let down with this unpopular decision some may use the word inappropriate?
Not only Mirfield but the rest of Kirklees are celebrating being let down by these people on the Kirklees panel. We all can “physically see” how congested our roads are especially in Mirfield, how our services cannot cope, our children who live in Mirfield cannot secure a school place in their own town, pore maintained roads, footpaths?

BUT with all the above in mind, the biggest worry is what you cannot “physically see” until it makes its way into your home or business. Yes, I am talking about the public combined sewer drainage system which even now cannot cope with storms which create pluvial flooding on the high-low ground. The drainage system what carry’s away our foul and surface water is owned by Yorkshire water, over the years with increasing demand, age, and patchwork designs, restricting flows to protect property downstream, this work now play a large part in creating pluvial flooding up-steam of the work. Places, where you would never expect pluvial flooding would happen, will happen now, and more so in the future. However, Yorkshire Water has a legal obligation to allow connections into their drainage systems, which in some cases prove to be a problem. Where will the funding come from to mitigate pluvial flooding for the new local plan, and to mitigate the existing problems which already exist?




S Benson



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