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Material considerations ” to mitigate the impacts of Development” Application ref number – 2014/62/91282/E – Land off Woodward Court/ Hepworth Lane, Mirfield – Bellway Homes

By pmadmin
Mar 15th, 2015

004 Application ref number – 2014/62/91282/E – Land off Woodward Court/ Hepworth Lane, Mirfield – Bellway Homes

Material considerations ” to mitigate the impacts of Development”

Comments – Objections

Crossley field school now attracts pupils from Dewsbury, Ravensthorpe, Savile town, and Heckmondwike, and Huddersfield.

A survey of the school back in 2013 does highlight that 325 pupils arrive by car to attend School we are now in 2015 it would be prudent at this stage to re-visit the survey to establish the true figure for this year.

Woodward Court attracts parents who park at both side of the court, and the footpaths, and in front of drives, some parents arrive Ealey to ensure they have a parking spot, this action does effect the later parents, who have to manoeuvre vehicles compromising highway safety, and efficiency, this does create considerable nuisance, and inconvenience to residents,

Hepworth Lane, Hepworth Close, Wellhouse Ave, Lockwood Ave, Jenny lane, suffer similar issues set out above, all the named roads do form part of the route from Woodward Court to Greenside road, were at school times becomes overwhelmed by traffic, this again is course for concern for pedestrian movements, and road users.

A large stretch of wellhouse lane between Hepworth lane, and flash lane this is an area of great concern the lane cannot accommodate two way traffic at this point, vehicles do mount the 900mm  wide footpath to pass oncoming vehicle this effects the safety of the pedestrians, and road users specially at school times.

Sanderson consultants are proposing a car park off Woodward Court with in the catchment of the proposed development. The principle for this is to remove parking on Woodward Court this in its self creates more problems, you will find more parents who do park away from the vicinity of the school, using the car park due to the increased opportunity to park next to the school, this would attract more traffic on to well house lane increasing the volume of traffic movements across the facade of the school, creating more concern for road safety.

As Sanderson consultants. The sight line to the left out of Woodward Court is restricted, and very pore at the point of a pedestrian crossings which accommodates large volume of school foot traffic from the Northrop area.

Summary of comments

Large areas of footpaths, and in some instances no footpaths, 3 number road junctions what accommodate Crossley field School “don’t comply with highways specifications, and regulations” this site is considered to be one of the worst sites within the Kirklees area for school run issues, with complaints from residents, and parents.

The problems that are generated from this site are un-resolvable because of the “very nature of the design of the existing infrastructure “ highways” and the positioning of Crossley field School” the decision to take children from out of catchment area, as played a large part in compounding the problem.


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