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Mine Shafts, and mine working Oct 2015 living Map Mirfield “word of warning”

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In Mine Shafts in Mirfeild
Oct 30th, 2015

This living Map has taken 10 months to put together, with research and being able to prove the locations are genuine.

19 of the mine shafts I have visited, and taken photos of their exacted locations some of which were at least 20m deep and workings went off in all directions, these were remediated by the coal authority back in 2014-2015 and filled in with imported stone, and the work was completed over a 2 month period using over a thousand ton of stone.

The rest of the mine shafts are taken from old maps of Mirfield, and maybe it could be said the locations can nether be proven?

I am curranty working on the living map for 2016  the information will come from the KMC web-site on the planning portal this is where you can find planning applications and research any coal authority maps which effect any application.

Mirfield 25 “Mirfield moor “application is an area which will feature on the 2016 map there is an abundance of information from the coal authority the legacy on the moor goes back many years right back  the warren house times.

The coal authority maps, and information prove there are three mine shafts, and extensive mine working on the site were construction is to take place soon BUT two over shafts were found by the archaeologists Evaluation which do not feature on any coal authority maps? So that makes five shafts to date, and more are possible. The archaeologists Evaluation only covered 4% of the site leaving 96% not investigated?

If you have any information of locations of mining activity in Mirfield please share this information send it to steve@yourmirfield.co.uk

A word of warning!!!

Please be extra careful when walking the fields of these areas after abnormal weather conditions have hit, this generally weakens the hidden shafts at the surface and it is possible to step on one?

It could be fair to say problems do accrue when information clashes just click on sink hole

Mine Shafts, and working Oct 2015 living Map Mirfield

work in progress  Mine Shafts Mirfield 2015


Coming in 2016 the effect of ground water in Mirfield effected by our mine working legacy placing the natural ground water with the effect of the attenuation of the mine workings and volumes

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