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Sunny bank road – Portal Cresent Mirfield High risk from flooding

By pmadmin
Aug 11th, 2014

Portal Crescent Mirfield Iron Grill to 600mm out-fall starts at Finching dyke Water course The out-fall services Highways surface water, and roof water from the top section of sunny bank road with several road connecting, and part of Roberts town highways, and roofs. Our investigations stated March 2014 monitoring the out-fall flows and maintenance to the grill our visits to the site were made very difficult by virtually unpassable terrain.

  • Date 10-8-2014 over six months have passed, and there has been no signs of any maintenance to the Grill
  • Access and egress to the site is dangerous and virtually unpassable terrain for any maintenance crews.
  • In dry weather spells, the flow measures approximately 15% of the pipe capacity in-use, and debris snagging on the bars of the grill creating a slight blockage and restricting flows.
  • In rain fall periods the flow measures approximately 85% of the pipe capacity in-use, and debris snagging on the bars of the grill creating a blockage and restricting flows, also this design is not self-cleaning the grill. Please view video
  • The dyke Water course it’s self needs a good clean out reducing the foliage and removing debris which are restricting flows down-stream.

With the above problems noted on the 10-8-2014 the dip in sunny bank road at the junction with pinfold Crescent the low-lying existing houses are at risk from flooding in the event of a blockage to the out-fall. This area is now High risk from flooding  To reduce this risk to low, our recommendation are, Access and egress must be proved for your maintenance crews,   monthly maintenance must be maintained and the remove of all debris must be carried out at all times, it would be advisable for KMC to carry out your own monitoring of the flows to the out-fall, Re-visit the design of the grill a top hinged grill with stress bolts at the bottom which would snap under great pressure this would be the solution (say 3 tonne snapping blots) which could be replaced once applied this would mitigate any blockage at the grill. For more information please contact me on email steve@yourmirfield.co.uk Regards S Benson

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