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Pre-consultation with communities: before submitting planning applications a basic guide.

By pmadmin
Feb 23rd, 2015

This note helps to explain the new Localism Bill requirement for developers to consult with local communities prior to submitting certain planning applications.

Overview of the requirement 

The requirement set out in the Bill covers three points:

Developers must consult communities before submitting certain planning applications, having regard to any advice that their local planning authority may provide.

They must consider any responses they receive before they finalise their proposals and submit their applications.

When submitting their application they must account for how they have consulted the local community, what comments they have received, and how they have taken those comments into account.

Communities will not have a power of veto over whether a planning application can be submitted. They will however be able to raise issues for the developer to consider, and make suggestions which could improve the development and reduce its impact on the neighbourhood. This will reduce local opposition, increase chances of a timely and positive decision from the planning authority, and improve the quality of the development that results.

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