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Question: for town council (Mirfield)

By pmadmin
Aug 30th, 2014

With the increase demand for new homes in Mirfield, and the surrounding areas with the rumour that KMC are planning to form a super planning committee?

1. When will Mirfield have a neighbourhood plane in place

2. Mirfield design statement, was last updated in 2002 this is now 12 years old, and I am sorry to say out of date.

Did you know there is a wealth of new design, and new technologies in the world market today “which would benefit Mirfield”. Our Core strategy plan desperately need up dating, evolving with the changes we all face. Mirfield needs more weight when it comes to planning decisions, with 1, and 2 in place our town would fare a lot better. Would it be prudent to ask Mirfield residents for help to produce the plan, and help update the design statement?.

S Benson

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