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I have been looking into ”Fluvial litter flooding” and where it comes from and why it ends up in a tangled mess on the River Calder banks.

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In Flooding in Mirfield
Mar 11th, 2020

I have been looking into ”Fluvial litter flooding” and where it comes from and why it ends up in a tangled mess on the River Calder banks.

Don’t presume for a minute that all the debris and litter left being by floods come’s from Mirfield because it doesn’t most of it comes from upstream Calderdale, River Calder, Huddersfield, River Clone.

I have been looking at the source of the litter where does the River Calder fluvial litter come from

  • Industrial material litter
  • Supermarket litter
  • Iner Urban areas litter
  • Not enough money litter
  • Lack of interest litter

Above five main categorise why we have rivers of litter lets take a closer look starting with-

Industrial material litter

After close inspection of several items you see in the photos on this fluvial litter blog, it is quite evident by the Gauge of the plastic waste material that a significant amount of plastic raping is industrial. How does this material end up in the River Calder and tangled around trees and shrubs or anything that is likely to create,s a snag?

During and after heavy rain the Calder River floods as we have all witnessed, but it’s what you can’t see could be one part of the problem, Company ’s close to the rivers with their yards, or car parks backing on to the rivers I would image they have a flood policy in place they are the best place to know-where the floods will affect their property not just building but their storage areas where they keep skips, and bins, hoppers and the like. Storing rubbish on the area of lower value land is the norm.

I would also say there is ample warning of flooding and heavy winds as storms develop I wonder how many companies move or secure their waist in such circumstance as part of their flood risk assessment.

Supermarket litter

For example, let.s take a look at Lidl Mirfield for low-value land before planning was past the lower part of the Lidl car park was expected to flood as per the flood risk assessment however the electric car charger point was placed in an area where both the Authorities and the Lidl owner new would flood. Locations such as this should be more proactive when it comes to litter picking before floods are expected.

Lidl Car park Mirfield 09-02-2020 14.35PM
Lidl Car park Mirfield 09-02-2020 14.35 PM

Inner Urban areas general litter and Not enough money litter

Litter bins alongside the river or in public areas near to the River Calder and River Clone in areas prone to flooding these bins do not get emptied when floods are expected, and I would expect it would be pot luck if they did. Litter picking in general next to or near to the River does not happen, and this is down to the Local Authority.

Inner Urban areas litter and Not enough money litter

Inner urban areas near to open culvert watercourses and gully’s that ultimately drain directly to the River Calder, or the River Colne and maybe a contributor to the Rivers these areas should be made hot spots for bin emptying and litter picking and this is down to the Local Authority

Lack of interest litter

I am sure you have heard or seen drain outlet nets just like the one in the picture where possible would it be a good idea for our local authorities to take such action I think so however why haven’t they adopted it as part of keeping our rivers clean.

Meaningful changes are needed by all including the local authorities

If your place of work is near to the river, take stock of what rubbish or litter is located in a flood-prone area. A couple of hours MOVE IT OR SECURE IT skips and the like, and litter-picking would save many person-hours on the River Calder trying to remove plastic from the branches of trees and shrubs, and it’s near impossible to remove it most of the time branches are cut because you simply cannot remove the plastic.

Mirfield as a couple of groups who clean the River Calder banks, not just litter-picking but carry out other operations two, however; the cycle of fluvial litter just keeps going around it’s a constant litter battle and as storms become more Frequent-and larger the litter needs stopping at its source.



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