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Sustainable urban planning; Pollution and the solution just look to nature

By pmadmin
Jul 10th, 2014

Sustainable urban planning

Pollution and the solution just look to nature

New research by scientists at the University of Southampton has shown how London’s trees can improve air quality by filtering out pollution particulates, which are damaging to human health.

Landscape and Urban Planning’ indicates that the urban trees of the Greater London Authority (GLA) area remove somewhere between 850 and 2000 tonnes of particulate pollution (PM10) from the air every year

Trees have evolved to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, so it’s not surprising that they are also good at removing pollutants. Trees which have leaves the whole year are exposed to more pollution and so they take up more. Using a number of different tree species and modelling approaches, the effectiveness of the tree canopy for clean air can be optimised. A mixture of trees, including evergreens such as pines and evergreen oak, would have the greatest benefit to future air quality in terms of PM10 removal

We know that particulates can damage human health, for example exacerbating asthma and this reduction in exposure could have real benefits in some places, such as around the edge of school playgrounds. Urban green space and trees give a wide range of benefits and that improving air quality is one of them and will also help us to get the most out of this benefit in future.”

  • With the above information available to all authorities nationwide Project Mirfield would like to see a tree planting plan, for Mirfield and the surrounding areas in place for April 2015,
  • An overall look at planning stage for new developments to incorporate large numbers of tree planting allowing more tree and green areas to planning applications.
  • To totally stop the felling of healthy trees.

Mirfield Local Core Plan please feel free, and email PM with your thoughts of what you think would benefit Mirfield, and we will place your recommendations on this page.


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