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“True community spirit” Objection Video opposing, the none sustainable proposed development Application ref number – 2014/62/91282/E – Land off Woodward Court/ Hepworth Lane, Mirfield – Bellway Homes

By pmadmin
Jun 12th, 2015

This video has taken six weeks to produce, and edit so Please share, and like this video, it must go viral, Material considerations ” to mitigate the impacts of Development”

For safety reasons this video footage was taken on  Saturday morning  9thMay 2015 at 10.AM. This is a true account of the views of the local community directly affected by the proposed development. Project Mirfield has put faces to objections opposing the proposed Bellway homes development at Balderstone hall field Mirfield

The video is now live on the internet, the aim is to go viral with the video which will draw a lot more attention, and support to our ultimate goal. We also plan to upload the video to radio station websites, newspaper website, to maximize full potential. It is fact once live on the internet no one can misplace any objections for future reference? Project Mirfield will deliver the video to KMC planning, to view in the presents of our group. At this time we will reinforce the dangerous problems associated with the proposed development. We will demand that the planning panel views the video in advance of the day of the decision. If the proposed development goes ahead, the damage it will create to our community will outlive us all who are watching this video today!!!

Crack on Mirfield and please like, and share.


Many thanks to Kelvin Bevin, good friend, and college for his help in producing, and editing this video. thank you to all the strong residents who played a part in this  video well done to all.


S Benson


More Evidence of the over development of Mirfield, and the problems we face each day!!!

Kirklees Flood Management & Drainage provides advice as a statutory consultee to the Local Planning Authority in respect of surface water flood risk as the Lead Local Flood Authority for Kirklees. We cannot recommend approval and conditions at this time

DJI Inspire 1 used to collect media footage for evidence against over development Crossley field school wellhouse lane Mirfield  22-05-2015 road safety could you really build 136 new homes on Balderstone hall field off of Woodward court which will generate 200 plus cars increasing the volume of traffic movements across the facade of the school, creating more concern for road safety

Crossley field school now attracts pupils from Dewsbury, Ravensthorpe, Savile town, and Heckmondwike, and Huddersfield. A survey of the school back in 2013 does highlight that 325 pupils arrive by car to attend School we are now in 2015 it would be prudent at this stage to re-visit the survey to establish the true figure for this year. Woodward Court attracts parents who park at both side of the court, and the footpaths, and in front of drives, some parents arrive Ealey to ensure they have a parking spot, this action does effect the later parents, who have to manoeuvre vehicles compromising highway safety, and efficiency, this does create considerable nuisance, and inconvenience to residents, Hepworth Lane, Hepworth Close, Wellhouse Ave, Lockwood Ave, Jenny lane, suffer similar issues set out above, all the named roads do form part of the route from Woodward Court to Greenside road, were at school times becomes overwhelmed by traffic, this again is course for concern for pedestrian movements, and road users.


The roads around Mirfield are already congested with the amount of traffic, in particular the junction of  Old Bank Road, and Greenside Road has become a black spot.

The 10 minute Video footage Captures real-time vehicle movements, but in real terms the roads in this video are a black spot for over a hour in the mornings, and worse  late afternoons and Earle evenings. Let’s see if you can count the amount of traffic which passes on this video?  Any further housing/industrial development will only make these roads virtually gridlocked for large parts of the day. Date 06-02-2015 time 7.50 AM


You would say with what happened in 2007 and 2012 floods Kirklees M.C.  would dredge the River Calder, raise the banks and allocate an area to form a flood plain; this would eradicate the surcharge of culverts and drains surcharging the drainage infrastructure. Yorkshire Water – what have they done to mitigate the flood problem in the town? Nothing! Mirfield’s watercourse and sewer systems are now out of date by 35 years; some go right back to the Victorian times, but yet they keep on adding water to the system



S Benson



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