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Application 2019/60/92378/E 48 residential dwellings Northorpe Lane Mirfield Not the future for Mirfield; Nor air pollution.

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Aug 12th, 2019

Applications for outline planning permission seek to establish whether the scale and nature of a proposed development would be acceptable to the local planning authority.

Application 2019/60/92378/E 48 residential dwellings this is considered to be a large development in terms of environmental damage and build capacity. Kirklees Planning have the duty to carry out this application under and test this application using the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

In June 2019 Climate Emergency was declared across West Yorkshire by West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) Calling for urgent action in the region to tackle climate breakdown ( the breakdown to this outline planning application is as follows )
What environmental, and Climate change impact has been measured and assessed to justify outline planning to build 48 residential dwellings sited on 1.47 hectares – 3.632 acres of green fields and the benefits the green field brings to Mirfield.

To deliver this site in terms of C02 pollution, Materials plant equipment transport Total 7194 tonnes Co2 produced to develop this site in terms of scale and damage to the environment this is not excitable and should be deemed a large development.

With the flooding History and condition of Mirfield drainage system and down steam problems Ie; Clackson Street – North Road Ravensthorpe it would be essential and good practice to ensure the following has been consulted on before outline planning is granted.

The landowner nor, Yorkshire Water as not to date consulted-on this application for foul water discharge.

The Landowner nor, Yorkshire Water and Kirklees Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) as not to date consulted-on surface water discharge for this application.

The landowner nor Kirklees Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) has not assessed the effects of pluvial flooding associated with this application

The landowner nor Kirklees Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA as not consulted on flood routing the landowner as not produced a Flood risk assessment.

The Coal Authority as not to date consulted on this application, Environmental Geotechnical Specialists have only carried out a desk study historically the information held by the Coal Authority in not arcuate.
This application falls in a high-risk area for sallow worked coal mining. The deck’s study investigation indicates the following Wheatley Lime Coal 0.4 – 1.2m thick worked coal seams at shallow depths beneath the site. Middleton Eleven yards Coal 1,1 thick worked coal seams 12m from existing ground level. Blocking Rider and Blocking Coal 0.2 – 2.7m worked coal seams 27.5m from existing ground level. Site intrusive Investigation with Report must be carried out before outline planning is granted which will determine the full risk of shallow coal worked workings throughout the proposed site.

The design of the site is very Poor in terms Health and well being all 48 plots are crammed to capacity the proposed site features one entrance with no emergency access. The majority of the front elevations to the plots are hard standing which from the drawing indicative site layout provide 99 parking spaces.

Mirfield is already struggling with traffic at an Unacceptable level and should not be imposed upon and pushed into Stalemate to accommodate an additional 95 Plus vehicles which will most certainly create more chaos and Air pollution to the existing infrastructure, and Mirfield residents.

The design and plot cramming will most certainly Create major problems bin wagons and deliveries will Indefinitely struggle to navigate a turn with only one turning area at the bottom left corner. 

The application supports four POS areas which feature on the indicative site layout if I was to play devil’s advocate, two of these POS areas will be lost for pumping stations for foul and surface water discharge. The POS are not well integrated into wider green infrastructure networks.

The site falls several metres to meet with the disused railway banking the banking stands many metres high and supports many mature trees and plants with many different species of animals and Insects what depend on the field in question for food, the diversity for this application is unmeasurable.



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