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Good evening Mirfield I hope you all find this well; Yes I have; Steve Benson has joined the Green Party.

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May 31st, 2019

Steve Benson; As a Green Party Councillor, for Mirfield, I will continue to carry out the hard work I have done for Mirfield over the last four years. I feel that I can do more for Mirfield as a Green for our environment, Climate change, and the flooding problems we have with the River Calder, drainage problems throughout Mirfield. My achievements to date as a Mirfield town councillor consist of work to provide and direct information to repair the retaining wall at Newgate adjacent to the River Calder. and the same for the retaining wall at Crossley lane which holds back the playing field, I have also influenced the Kirklees flood risk assessment for Mirfield.

I fought a long campaign to help put a stop to the development of Balderstone Field which in October 2018 the proposed development was brought to a successful conclusion and the residents and campaigners won”

In the May local elections, the Green Party pushed Labour into 3rd place, by one vote, making them the new challengers to the Conservatives in the Mirfield Ward.

Green Party Leader on Kirklees Council Andrew Cooper said,

“It’s great to welcome Steve as a new Green Party member . I’ve seen many of the environmental projects Steve has championed on the Project Mirfield website and it is clear he will be a real asset to the Green cause as he already is to the community he represents”

Councillor Cooper expanded on the growing voice of Greens at the local level in Kirklees.

“As Steve has joined the Green Party this means that we now have representatives on 4 out of the 5 Parish Councils in Kirklees. In the May local elections, we won 10 seats on Kirkburton Parish Council. In the Wooldale Ward, Darryl Gould topped the Poll to become our representative on Holme Valley Parish Council and Sonia King has recently been coopted onto Meltham Town Council. What they all share is a positive commitment to improving the environment in the area they live and I look forward to working with them.”

Steven Benson joins the Green Party

Kind Regards Steve

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