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Kirklees Planning Department needs to up their game

By pmadmin
In Your Mirfield
Mar 9th, 2020

Kirklees Planning Department needs to up their game Let’s take a look at Lidl Mirfield after the floods of 2012, 2015 the environmental agency and Kirklees LLFA had a well-Documented flood map and flood route with ample information for this area. Before planning was past the lower part of the Lidl car park was expected to flood as per the flood risk assessment however the electric car charging point was placed in an area where both the Authorities and the Lidl owner new would flood? Looking after and planning sustainable assets is key for the future I wonder if Kirklees planning understand this.

Areas what are expected to flood are classed as low-value land a footprint of property what will suffer flooding and be expected to flood many times over as years go by. So let’s put car changing points on low-value land what will flood makes sense.

Flood Routing is as essential as floodplains, especially when it comes to asset infrastructures such as car parks and car charging points. Not a lot of people know or understand flood Routing; however; it’s there for both Fluvial River flooding and Pluvial Surface water flooding, and when they come together it doubles the problem. 

Lidl Car park Mirfield 09-02-2020 14.35 PM

Do the right thing Lidl move it next to the building and let’s see some more car and taxi charging points. Ticking the boxes for Kirklees planning comes to mind one double car charger it’s not enough and not good.



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