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New animal species found on Balderstone Hall Field Mirfield ?

By pmadmin
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Mar 14th, 2015

Hi Mirfield could anyone please help ,and name this New animal species found on Balderstone Hall Field Mirfield, i have captured this creature on video, this could well be a show stopper, to stop the proposed development|||

” But Seriously” The infrastructure in Mirfield is straining ‘under the weight’ of an already well established population within and the surrounding areas. Mirfield’s highway infrastructure cannot cope with the existing volumes of traffic. Let alone any additional burden created;

Sanderson consultants are proposing a car park off Woodward Court with in the catchment of the proposed development. The principle for this is to remove parking on Woodward Court this in its self creates more problems, you will find more parents who do park away from the vicinity of the school, using the car park due to the increased opportunity to park next to the school, this would attract more traffic on to well house lane increasing the volume of traffic movements across the facade of the school, creating more concern for road safety.A large stretch of wellhouse lane between Hepworth lane, and flash lane this is an area of great concern the lane cannot accommodate two way traffic at this point, vehicles do mount the 900mm  wide footpath to pass oncoming vehicle this effects the safety of the pedestrians, and road users specially at school times

Application ref number – 2014/62/91282/E – Land off Woodward Court/ Hepworth Lane, Mirfield – Bellway Homes

Easy link to find the planning proposal for this site

Easy link back to Kirklees objection page place your comments

 Email; ‘planning.contactcentre@kirklees.gov.uk’ with your comments

Crack on Mirfield Numbers will count


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