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The wall of Spite Mirfield

By pmadmin
In Your Mirfield
Mar 28th, 2021

Church Lane Mirfield the wall of Spite of the 1920’s Major Ingham.

The first person to build a house up Church lane was a chap called MR Morgan of Sands House. When Major Ingham, who owned the land opposite, learned about the house, he was furious; he was adamant that no one would overlock his-land. He knew he couldn’t stop him from building, so he built a wall to block the view. He said the wall had to be as high as the house second-floor windows because of this, and the reasons behind the wall, the wall became known locally as the wall of spite.

The wall still stands today 48 bricks high at its highest point, at the footpath level on Church Lane the wall is 4 bricks thick, the vertical wall has a slight lean towards the property. The wall also has two flat archways to access the property behind the wall of Spite.

Regards Steve

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