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What you don’t know about Valance Beck Granny Lane Mirfield

By pmadmin
In Your Mirfield
Mar 6th, 2020

When we are talking about Valance Beck Mirfield, we need to understand the Origin mechanisms that are in place that creat Valance Beck we need to take a view and Analyse the big picture.

Let’s take stock of my research. Valance Beck always hits the headline ”if you like” for flooding Granny lane, it’s Because of its location proximity of where Valance Beck discharges to the River Calder from the headwall situated at Hagg lane, the Beck water drains underground Roughly 110m through a 0.750mm concrete pipe to the Sluice outfall at the River Calder bank. The 0.750mm diameter Concrete pipe that is fixed into the headwall will Be Drowned out at 2400 litres per second the term drowned out means the concrete pipe simply cannot cope with any more water then the water rises and spills on to Hagg lane. I measured 2400 litres per second at 11.00 AM on the 09 February 2020 however; as that day progressed later in the day I would guess anything between 10.000 – 20.000 Liters per second would have Reached the headwall. We have to keep in mind none of the Beck’s named in this blog has never been modelled, modelled means measuring the amount of water that can pass through beck’s, Streams or rivers at one point.

There are many factors why Valance beck floods so let’s now look at the source. If I told you Covey Clough Beck, and Liley Beck we’re contributors, to Valance beck, and Valance Beck in comparisons does not collect as much run-off rainwater as the over two, then it starts to make more sense both Convey and Liley Beck’s start-up in the Hopton hills and receive many thousand’s of square metres of rainwater runoff, the two beck’s go in different directions Liley beck will reach as far as Whitley reservoir Gregory Springs, and Convery will reach as fare as Hepworth Woods, and Cockley Hill Farm, and further afield. Whitley Reservoir is situated at the top of the hill when I was walking around that area I noticed a Sluice a short way down the hill from the reservoir there was running water, but to the volume, I am not sure however I have asked Yorkshire Water for information.


We now know the names of the Beck’s that run through Hopton, Valance Beck, Covey Beck and Linley Beck.

We know the volume of water it takes to Drowned out the headwall at Hagg Lane.

We can see the Route of the becks and where their names change with an up to date 2020 map

Whitley reservoir could be a contributor to Liley Beck.

We know the reach of each Beck.

Valance Beck Covey Beck Liley Beck Mirfield 2020.jpg

I think it’s important for Mirfield to keep the old names of Becks, they were given their names for a reason but that would be another story but would be interesting to know

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